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Material Price List

Product Retail
Per Yard Per Ton
3/4″ Minus State Spec $15.00 $11.50
Reject $11.00 $ 9.00
#1 Fill $13.00 $11.00
3/8″ Dirt $15.00 $12.00
Drain Rock $11.50 $11.50
Reclaim Asphalt $17.00 $14.00
Hog Fuel $10.00
Ground Juniper $10.00
* Subject to Availability


Disposal Fees for Wood

We will NOT accept wood with garbage, plastic, weeds, yard debris, etc.

Clean Waste Wood (Urban) $2.00 Per Yard
Hog Fuel and Brush $4.00 Per Yard
Sod $4.00 Per Yard
Stumps $4.00 per yard if split down to 12″ or less diameter. Any stump greater than 12″ diameter is $250.00 per stump.


Calculate the cubic yards of gravel you need:

Length (in feet): Width (in feet): Depth (in inches):

You will need:    cubic yards of gravel

Disposal Fees for Dirt, Rock and Concrete

We will NOT accept dirt, rock or concrete mixed with brush, wood, weeds, yard debris, garbage, etc.

Clean Concrete Free
Concrete W/ Rebar $10.00 Per Yard
Clean Dirt and Rock Free

We do not accept weeds, grass clippings, yard debris, railroad ties or telephone poles

prices are for pick up at the yard 
in Redmond

Recycle Yard – 1920 SW 6th St – * 342 SW Reindeer Ave  *  541-548-4747

delivery available 
please call for delivery rate