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 There Are Some Things That Simply Don’t Change With Time


>> The pride we experience after an honest day’s work

>> The excitement we feel when starting a new project

>> The high value we place on employee safety and integrity


Built On An Honorable Reputation

These cornerstones of our company laid the foundation for who we are today—passionate about the quality of our work, resolutely dedicated to our clients and increasingly innovative with every new advancement in excavation technology. It’s for these reasons that we are endlessly exploring new ways to better serve the community we love to live and work in.


Of Course, Some Things Do Change…


Expanding The Legacy

Like growing a fleet of 3 trucks to over 65 pieces of heavy equipment, trucks and trailers to support the demand of our broad all-inclusive services, which the Central Oregon commercial and residential community has come to trust.

Founded on wood residual hauling, we expanded into portable grinding, wood recycling, and land clearing in the early 90s, and since 2005 have made rock crushing, demolition and excavation a focal part of our company.

What started out as two local brothers investing in a trucking company in 1979, has stayed within the family for three generations. We’re honored to continue providing the same dedicated service to our clients, industry standards and dependable work ethic Bar Seven A has been known for since the beginning.

Over the course of nearly 50 years, we’ve employed hundreds of Central Oregon families—each of whom have played an integral part in our journey of becoming a preferred contractor throughout Central Oregon.

Now run by second and third generation owners, Brian and Binny Skidgel—along with their sons, Dawson and Chase, and daughter-in-law Jessika— Bar Seven A stands for investing in our community’s growth and success rock by rock and project by project—


Digging Into The Future

From small projects to completing major infrastructure for developers bringing new opportunities to our community, we aim to exceed expectations every time.

We know what we do each day matters. Every job we finish provides opportunities for those we work for, while helping our employees build a solid foundation for their families. We’re humbled to have our hand in the growth and prosperity of Central Oregon.

With Bar Seven A, project plans never stay just “plans” for long. We’re ready to take your project from land clearing to on-site rock crushing to final grading. Expertly embedding your project into the earth, we maintain healthy environmental practices, including recycling and re-purposing wood, rock and dirt.

We’d be honored to take your project from concept to completion.